Money Express MX for Customer

All you need to do is scan a QR code or enter the User ID manually to pay.

Keep your business on your palm by having your own digital wallet. It's time for any business to join the revolution. Our platform is flexible to meet the client needs.

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About Money Express

Money Express is a platform that helps your businesses to grow by allowing you to offer to your customer's many facilities that no one else can offer, such as a loyalty reward system or programs, advertising, promotions and coupons, new product sales campaigns, buy gold and silver bars and coins, digital tokens, integrations with many other platforms such as point of sales, etc, putting the whole world at the palm of your hands.

Why money express ?

By using innovating technologies competition can be beaten and it is the only way to be always one step ahead with the industry ever-evolving systems, giving you a significant advantage over everyone else, by having a one-stop-shop for many of your day to day business activities and marketing, as well as giving the best possible facilities for your customers and therefore your business to grow.

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